I feel genuinely hopeful having folks such as Mod West

I feel genuinely hopeful having folks such as Mod West


And when it comes to content that OSRS gold has been there, well, that did elicit joy or enthusiasm. With content focussing on the incorrect areas of the game. Another misguided look at what was traditionally RuneScapey by adding pointlessly grindy things through the favour system (thinking the grind itself was players appreciated about grinding), subsequently giving the player no sense of satisfaction for really"finishing" a grind, since you'd just automatically lose the 20% of everything you had gained access to if you wanted to try any of the other 80 percent of content there. In spite of the favour system enhancements, I still wouldn't call the favour gameplay all that riveting, from pushing on ploughs, finding publications, grinding salt. Sure they are all somewhat easy RuneScapey actions, but tradition for tradition's sake does not always produce the results or in this situation gameplay.

Ultimately, at one point in time I would have bemoaned Zeah as possibly the inclusion in the game's history - these days I think that it's been a positive. It proved to be a learning experience for what worked what did not. It revealed the teams willingness to listen alter things where essential (albeit a slow drawn out procedure ). And that I think everything that followed it basically improved. Landmass, every new area, expansion, etc, managed to find out from the mistakes of Zeah. If folks like Mod West can continue his fantastic work already done with the Hosidius rework apply it to the past couple of houses - then using a little bit of extra content sprinkled in here there (flavour quests, points of interest, etc), then Zeah's lasting legacy inside the match could genuinely become a really good one.

I feel genuinely hopeful having folks such as Mod West and Mod Husky on the team doing what they do. The rework to Hosidius itself felt like we got a chunk of new content, with the flavour forthos dungeon. I'm so eager for the forthcoming Shayzien rework and the potential reworks of their other houses, if they manage to pull off everything they did with Hosidius. It can't be understated; they aren't just polishing pieces of Zeah and making it a bit more digestible. They are transforming it into things that feels just like ACTUAL (and fresh ) content.

Numbers of gamers online has doubled since the outbreak

Let us hope before too many men and women begin return to buy gold runescape mobile work/school, they can get Archaeology out. You do realize the virus also impacts the devs? Sure lots are working at home however, the fractured development group will cause the program to be delayed.Obviously, the whole point of my post is me hoping it doesn't get delayed too much.They haven't declared a delay for archaeology. So I really doubt it will be delayed. Maybe future projects will find a delay of some sort, but Jagex started working from home this week or something, and Arch could have been borderline completed by there.