Earn FFXIV Gil easy and have a happy life

My social-network friends, I will share my experience of farming Gil in FFXIV.


My social-network friends, I will share my experience of farming Gil in FFXIV.

Finally, shadowbringers, a new extension of the fantasy XIV, is now in full swing, bringing many new ideas. That said, of course, nothing has changed.

Players now need Gil as usual. Instead, it's Eureka's farming, treasure hunting or adventure, with many different ways of making money. For this reason, the following is a breakdown of several main ways of currency trading in FFXIV.


Eureka is a very lucrative example, with dozens of FFXIV players in use all the time. Moreover, they do so for good reason.

Once you have completed the task of "we should call it Eureka" from the larg River to Galiena, you can enter Eureka's Forbidden City.

You will not access this location from the shift finder. It's about talking to Rodney. From there, meet with other players inside to form a team. Complete the tasks faced at the time of entry in order to prepare for the "surprise attack".

The goal here is to get the anemos cryptobox and the broken cluster. These boxes will contain very profitable items that can be sold on the market.

Treasure map

If you want to talk about FFXIV Gil farming , you will have to talk about treasure maps. It sounds like a treasure map can be used to guide you to a very profitable Gil farming treasure hunt.

If you have experience of "land discipline", you may stumble upon some of your own treasure maps during your journey. However, you can also get advice from the Marketing Committee if necessary.

If you want to farm, please be sure to attend the map party. These exchanges can be difficult, and joining an experienced party will greatly reduce the time required for the whole job. In the end, you will be all treasure hunted, in which you will face a powerful monster to earn hidden valuable spoils.


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The main way to make gil in FFXIV is through apprentices and landlords. First of all, let's talk about how handcrafted as disciples can make you Gil.

The most lucrative handicraft professions are blacksmith, Goldsmith, alchemist and culinary master. The advantage of these categories is that you can offer the most sought after equipment, furniture, consumables and other materials for sale. Most players don't spend time enriching their "gimmick" courses, which is a very favorable seller's market for craftsmen willing to work.

Many players don't want to spend time making basic items they often need. Therefore, in the market committee, even ordinary handicrafts often have a consistent demand. If you need some gil quickly, it's easy to make money. That said, the higher your craftsmanship level, the more Jills you will make.


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The disciples of the earth go hand in hand with the disciples of the hand. For each craftsman in FFXIV, there is a collector. For this reason, you can make a lot of money if you are willing to collect materials and sell them to fanatical craftsmen.

Many craftsmen don't want to spend time collecting their own materials. As a result, you can even quickly sell some basic materials on the Marketing Committee. The higher your party level, the more Jills you can earn.


Land managers in plants, fisheries and mining can all use it for profit. Even if you want to earn Gil from handicrafts, it is recommended that you take some time to upgrade the discipleship course on the land so that you do not have to pay for the handicrafts yourself.

If you want to focus your time and energy on making a profit, consider spending most of your time improving mining. It can mine element fragments, clusters and crystals for considerable profits.

Roulette gambling

If production and parties are not what you really want to do, you can make a lot of Gil through roulette. Joining the dungeon roulette can earn about 5000-9000 gils, while trial roulette can earn more than 10000 gils. The best way to get the most out of these events is to always get the "adventurer in need" bonus. The most common characters needed for adventurers are tanks or therapists. So you're going to start focusing your build on either of these two areas of expertise.

In order to start these roulettes, you must first complete the level 10 main story task. This will unlock the responsibility finder. You can then access the responsibility finder by returning to the main menu and scrolling down to the responsibilities tab.

After selecting task finder, click the blue box with the question mark to see your unlocked wheel. Then, you can choose your favorite roulette, start making Gil and gain experience.